[yes, we have no bananas.]

they say that life is all about evolving and changing.  we're judged on our ability to learn new things from the time we're born.

"oh, she just opened her eyes! how sweet!"

"look, he's walking!"

little johnny got an A on his report card, little jenny graduated valedictorian of her class, fred got a promotion, etc, etc, you get my point.  we're supposed to be learning more about this world we're stumbling around in.. getting better at our craft.. taking steps to "grow" as individuals.

i've been thinking a lot about this over the last few months and wondering what my next step will be.  i have a bachelor's degree in english literature, a master's degree in education (...yet i still don't use capital letters.. shhh, don't tell my students) and i teach ninth grade english.  is this my ultimate goal?  to work part-time at a high school?  absolutely not.  what IS my ultimate goal?  i'm just not quite sure.

i guess that's the big question.

i'm considering what i'll be doing in five... ten years.  where will i be?  mike and i have considered moving across town, back to texas, down the street.. all are possibilities.  but how will moving change what i decide my next career step will be?  it seems like one step precludes the next.

i guess i have a lot of questions popping around in my head in this new decade.  i feel that there's change afoot.  and i like it.

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