[twin peaks.]

when mike and i first started dating, he took me to a concert at the gorge in george, washington. it was one of our very first REAL dates and on our way to the show we stopped in a little town called north bend and had lunch at a diner there. what i didn't know then was that it's where a tv show called "twin peaks" was filmed (at least in part) and i grew up watching that show. it was quite a phenomenon in its day.

at any rate, i was really sad last night... heard some news that made my heart ache.. and mike took me back to north bend today to cheer me up. it's been over eight years since that date we had and not much has changed in north bend.. but there's been a lot of change in us.

i know mike better now than i did then. i know what his face looks like when he's got something on his mind. i know when he's tired his right (bottom) eyelid twitches. i know how he'll react to certain situations and what he thinks and feels about things before i ever have to ask. i know a million tiny little facts that make him... him. some of them irritate the hell out of me and some of them make my heart swell up and explode.

we've been through it all. literally. ALL. but it all comes down to the fact that he drove me all the way to north bend (and would've driven me across the globe)...just to cheer me up.


Sara Louise said...

That's sweet. It's funny how it ends up being the little things that they do that let us know that we are loved. My boyfriend goes out of his way to bring newspapers in English (I live in France) home to me. Sure they only cost €2 but whenever he brings one home, I know he was thinking about me and I'm smiling for the rest of the night.
Oh, and I'm totally jealous you got to go to a Twin Peaks town!

bobby said...

you and mike are my favorite couple. what you have endured and how you are today are indescribable other than to just say you are adorable. anyone that knows you feels the same way. I have heard it from others.
I am gald to know you both.

bobby said...

you and Mike are my favorite couple. the two of you are indescribable other than to say you are adorable. I have heard other people say the same thing. I am very glad to know you both.

Jen said...

it is so obvious that you guys are still crazy in love :)