[leap year.]

i saw the movie leap year today with my friend, kellie. it's about a girl who follows her boyfriend of four years all the way to dublin to propose to him but, along the way, she falls in love with another fella. ultimately, she ditches the boyfriend and marries the new guy.

it reminded me a little of... well, me.

once upon a time, i thought i knew exactly what i wanted. i thought i'd painted the perfect picture in my mind and i thought that nothing could change how i felt about my future. i had it all mapped out.

then it changed. abruptly.

the movie today, as cheesy as it was, reminded me that i can make as many choices and as many plans as i want. it doesn't necessarily mean that those plans are going to work out. i think i have to stop trying so hard to figure out what exactly my next step will be and let it happen when it's time to happen... and i don't mean that as a cop-out. i don't really believe in "fate" or "what's meant to be".  i believe in timing.

maybe whatever it is isn't even on my radar yet. i've never liked surprises.. but it seems like all the things i used to hate aren't so bad anymore.

so, here i am. surprise me.

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sk0t said...

i watched zombieland the other day and it kinda had the same effect on me... like... that is what I DO. and this relates to this entry a little. and to the boy scouts a little.

the main character (who made me laugh over and over) had these basic rules for dealing with zombies and in every situation he would apply the rules he had come up with. miraculously, he made it through the whole movie without a bite, severed limb or exposed grey matter.

it was like the boy scouts motto... "be prepared"

then you can walk into the unknown with a little more breathing room.