[crazy weirdo.]

when we're both home, it usually means mike's recording his band or some other band at the studio and i'm usually either teaching or working on one of our projects... tumbledown, the studio, legionnaire, or something else that's turned into The Most Important Thing.

i'm pretty sure that it's because we don't always know what we'll be doing next that i've become such a creature of habit.  don't get me wrong, i've always been pretty anal retentive.. lots of lists, organizing, structure, etc.. but the fact that i live in a world where we're not really sure what will be happening a week or two out, i've become even more of a weirdo.

for instance, m's been working at the studio recording in the evenings for the last couple of weeks so when he leaves for the night, it goes something like this... and by "something" like this, i mean "exactly" like this.

1)  have dinner if we haven't already eaten before he leaves.

2)  catch up on tumbledown and studio emails, tumbledown packages, posting ebay items, etc.

3)  treadmill/workout

4)  shower

5)  put on fat-man pants (if you're not familiar with fat-man pants, they're any pants that are good for lying around in and usually have a drawstring or elastic waistband)

6)  TV (lately i've been riveted by nancy grace.. she has a crazy hypnotic spell over me.  of course, this may lead you to believe i predominantly watch news programs on tv.  wrong.  hoarders wins over nancy grace any day, hands down.)

7)  read in bed until mike gets home

i've only strayed from the list once.  since mike left tonight, i've been sitting in the kitchen with a cup of tea listening to a patsy cline record and reading.  it's nice.

(and i think it's time for a new routine.)

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Sara Louise said...

I don't want to be some neurotic weirdo that encourages your routine, but... for me, life just doesn't work without one. I'd love to be one of those chillaxed, come what may, what ever will be will be people, but I can't be. You either are or you're not. And if you are list dependent like me, keep writing the list. Otherwise the world will explode.