[let it go.]

mike and i took all of our christmas decorations down today. somehow my super crazy cleaning frenzy was contagious because as soon as he got home this afternoon and saw his lunatic wife tearing the house apart, he joined right in. it all started when i took the garland down from the mantle. once i saw it laying there on the floor, everything else HAD to come down too. next, the lights i could reach outside on the house, then the christmas trinkets scattered around inside, all down... and when i plucked the first ornament from the tree i knew it was going to be a LONG day of cleaning and organizing. no turning back. after the tree was down, the vacuum cleaner came out and i started cleaning the whole house.

mike and i are starting the new year with a purging. we'll be hitting the garage and storage area next to get all the crap that we've put down there and forgotten about cleaned out. next, the closets where we store coats and clothes that never see the light of day will be attacked. after that, cleaning out and organizing drawers and junk cabinets.

there's something about cleaning that makes me feel great. it feels good just knowing that we're simplifying and getting rid of THINGS.. things that take up space, things we don't need, too many things.

they're outta here.

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Anonymous said...

that happens to us all the time
once you get started it can consume you
its almost like a calonic
oops i did not spell that right