[home sweet home.]

torture. i had to work yesterday and wasn't able to pick mike up from the airport. the minutes ticked hatefully by and i just couldn't keep from watching the clock. to make matters worse, i got a phone call and had to make another stop after work instead of going straight home. i knew that he would be sleeping, with jet lag wreaking havoc on him in full force... but it still hurt my heart that he was so close and i couldn't wrap my arms around him.

finally, i made it home around 4pm and just like i knew he would be, he was sound asleep with both pups resting on top of him. at least they got to love him when i couldn't. they've been glued to him ever since, not letting him out of their sight for a second.

now we can all rest easy knowing he won't be far from us for a little while. until the next time the road calls, he'll be home sweet home.

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