[happy christmas.]

just when i thought it wasn't going to happen this year...

i got the christmas blues.

sometimes it happens right around thanksgiving. sometimes- like this year- it hits me just a few days before christmas. i start missing my family and all the big holiday get-togethers i grew up with. my family is so big our christmas parties had to be held at community halls or somebody's church. we had white elephant gift exchanges, wore ridiculous sweaters, sang christmas carols... and ate so much food i thought i'd bust.

i miss those days... but if i'm honest with myself, i know it wouldn't be the same today even if i hadn't moved far away. nothing's quite as magical as when you're a child. eventually, reality sets in.

i have in-laws now. they don't sing carols or have big parties. the food isn't the same and they don't share sentimental moments like the ones i grew up having. they're good people though.. and my husband is the best of them all. he knows when my heart starts to hurt and he holds me and loves me even more than i deserve.

turning this frown upside-down... merry, merry christmas.


Trisha said...

Maybe that's why I don't much enjoy Christmas anymore. It's lost the magic. I've gained more resposibility for how "magical" it is. I miss those White Elephants, though I always questioned why it was called that. I miss singing the carols hearing Aunt Doris above all others and loving it. I think I'll go pout now.

Anonymous said...

So incredibly well put. Christmas with in-laws are different but they are no less special. I enjoy your perspective on things.