i'll be posting text messages i get from my friend chris on here sporadically.  he's a real character and i think he deserves his own personal blog posts.  we've had the pleasure of his acquaintance for about a year now.  once you've met chris, you won't likely forget him.  his kindness, loyalty, and hilarity are memorable to say the least.  he's a unique person, and i really like him... but not quite as much as i like his better half, emily.

anyway, internet.. meet chris.  chris... the internet.

this is the text i received from him this afternoon.  he found a really cool vintage pin-ball machine field at an antique store and urged me to buy it for mike... and i did.

"ummm... can i get some credit for mike's gift?  i was thinking 65% would be fair tho i'm not sure how that would work... ummm just tell me how much he likes it and facial expressions n stuff.. i'm glad you got it.  if i was married to em that would be my gift bye.. CR"

P.S.  mike loved it.  chris, i give you 78% credit.  it's only fair.

P.P.S.  this post was mike's idea.. i give him 49% credit.

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