[scar tissue.]

Scar Tissue Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis

anthony kiedis taught me a LOT... about drugs. the things this man did to his body for the majority of his life are unthinkable. it makes me shudder to think about how many people are controlled by addiction and what they're willing to do... who they're willing to sacrifice, just to get their fix. whippets, speedballs, heroin, cocaine, alcohol, prescription narcotics, there's no end to what he put into his body in the midst of his career and rise to stardom.

the end of the book was a bit of a let-down. i enjoyed reading about his shenanigans, his stories about the music industry, insider looks at the people he worked with, and the women he loved throughout it all... but i was hoping for something more to wrap it all up. he ended it with information about the program and how AA and prayer and meditation helped him to get and finally stay clean. but what was the point of it all? why stay clean now after stints in all the major rehab facilities on the west coast?

it doesn't seem like there was ever anyone more important than he was to himself in his whole life, no one that he was willing to give the drugs up for.

in the end, the only one he never wanted to see him high... was his dog. he got clean, got a puppy, and started a new life.

here's hoping it sticks this time.

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