[making christmas.]

that's last year's christmas card photo. we took it in a photobooth at a local movie theater. i made the signs we're holding before we left the house. it only took two tries because we've done this particular christmas card a couple of years now and we've gotten the photobooth thing down.

see..i'm pretty obsessed with the holidays. i get really worked up about decorating and i build this whole happy mess up in my mind... and then when it's not absolutely euphoric, i get super disappointed. last year i handled the season remarkably well. i didn't start my christmas gift spreadsheet until well into my christmas shopping. i didn't obsess over hanging lights on the outside of the house. as a matter of fact, we didn't hang outdoor lights at all. i shopped in stride, bought people things off of their lists and didn't worry with finding the perfect gift for every single person i know. and the photobooth christmas card went off without a hitch. it was a nice, casual, happy christmas.

this year the mania is starting already. my christmas gift spreadsheet was updated before thanksgiving, divided into three categories: last year's gift, this year's gift ideas, then this year's actual purchased gift. i got mad at mike for not wanting to hang the outdoor lights before we'd even talked about whether we were going to hang them or not. i'm losing hours online searching for that perfect gift for everyone i know. my christmas cards have been planned since before thanksgiving and include a six-step process that only my parents and sister will appreciate.

basically, i'm sucking the merry out of christmas and it's not even december yet.


Jennifer said...

i am interested in this six step process. i take the easy way out and just order a photo card online every year. this year was easy--wedding photo!

ohhellocupcake said...

jen- send me your address and you'll see the six step process first hand! (don't get excited, it's not as impressive as it sounds.)

ohhellocupcake said...

lovee the photobooth christmas card greatt idea!!