[church school.]

this morning as i was taking attendance in first period i noticed some activity under one of the tables. sitting at the table were a couple of students in a "relationship" and they were perhaps illustrating their "love" for one another in a little too physical of a way for a) my comfort level, and b) that early in the morning. after i glared at them long enough for them to understand that i knew what was going on and they'd better cut it out before my brain started working fast enough for them to be sorry, i thought of a moment from my own childhood....

i went to christian school from the second grade on (with the exception of eighth grade when my family moved to canada for a year and i was home-schooled) and things are done very differently in christian school. for example, we not only said the pledge of allegiance to the flag every morning before school, we also said a pledge to the bible ("i pledge allegiance to the bible, god's holy word..."). we had bible classes every day and most of our rules were based on what jesus would want us to do if he were sitting next to us in math class.

one of the major differences between christian school and public school (at least in my own experience) was the number of field trips we took. we went on a LOT of field trips- our classes were small, therefore easily monitored and we had quite a few parents who were eager to go along and chaperone. we would take a van, cram everyone inside, and lest we let our animals instincts take over and start having crazy sex with each other on our way to wherever we happened to be going, the adults would administer regular and frequent "hand checks". a "hand check" consisted of one of our adult chaperones yelling out "HAND CHECK!!!" and in response, we would be expected to throw our hands in the air and yell, "PRAISE THE LORD!!". this was just to make sure that our hands weren't anywhere they weren't supposed to be. the "PRAISE THE LORD!!" response was also expected when one of the adults yelled "ATTITUDE CHECK!".. this one would be barked at us when were being particularly obstinate or moody.

ahhhh, the good old days....

other differences between christian school and public school were:

1) no makeup (especially blue mascara which i actually got swats for wearing to an after-school function. seriously. swats, meaning my principal/pastor gave me a spanking.)

2) no dances. (that's the devil's playground.)

3) you think kids are bored with their electives nowadays? try having chapel (church) every wednesday morning.

4) all of our theater productions had to have a christian theme or moral value.

5) dress code, dress code, dress code.

i could think of so many more.. but now i'm starting to get a tight feeling in my chest just thinking about the swats i got for the blue mascara. i think i'll just keep those memories repressed a little longer, thanks.


skylana said...

Wild. I went to Christian school too. Yours sounds a billion times worse than mine and I already thought Christian school was the devils school... ;)

Jennifer said...

i never knew you went to christian school. so did i. we also had chapel on wednesday mornings which i hated because "dressing up" was not something i was interested in doing. i got in trouble for wearing mxpx shirts because they were a band and ANY band was clearly all about satan.

and holli, vertical dancing leads to horizontal dancing so naturally you can NOT have dances at school.
dancing is for married couples only and sex only happens in the missionary position...in fact, in sex-ed they actually edited out penis drawings in our books/handouts.

have you ever seen Saved? :)

ohhellocupcake said...

i was saved every wednesday & sunday for 10 years straight. i'm not sure it took, though...

; )