[you better not cry.]

one of the problems with reading all of the books a particular author has written is that it leads you to believe you might actually KNOW that person... or at least a little something about them. i've read everything augusten burroughs has published. and i like him.

a lot.

he's one of those guys you think you might be able to hang out with. you know you probably couldn't... because he's probably just as neurotic as you are. but then that would be okay, too, because you could laugh about how crazy you are together. then you'd go home and be reclusive and so would he but you'd feel endearment toward one other because of it.

at least that's how it goes in my mind.

at any rate (and more simply) i like him.. and that's why i was so sad to hear that he and dennis broke up. dennis is his long-time boyfriend. he's the guy i've read so much about and have come to care for because of their relationship as augusten portrays it in his books... and now they've broken up.

i want them to consider getting back together.. for my sake.

please and thank you.

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ohhellocupcake said...

Hi! I've been following Mike on twitter for awhile.. HUGE FAN! Found your blog...love it! We have the same twitter name and blog name!

Just wanted to say hello!