this is like the movie final destination.

so i was just blogging the other day about the fact that i've gotten two tickets in the last few weeks and i wondered if the whole "these things happen in threes" theory had any validity to it. that day, i was hounded by a cop when i passed him speeding (just a little!) down the road but i lost him by taking a quick right and a few turns after that to throw him off my trail. (i know, i know...) anyway, that would've been my third ticket.

it's the three. it's coming for me.

today mike and i were in the car with hank and alli.. i was driving 50mph and when the speed limit changed from 50 to 40, i slowed down. unfortunately, i didn't slow down soon enough for the officer driving behind me. now, i'm a smart girl. i knew there was a police car behind me and i thought i slowed down at a reasonable rate. i didn't slam on my breaks, i JUST slowed down. when he pulled me over and stood outside my window he said i rode up on the car in front of me and i should've been going 40 by the time i passed the 40mph speed limit sign. ok. i didn't know that.

(i'm starting to think texas isn't the best place to get your driver's license. they didn't even teach parallel parking at my driving school.)

at any rate, he went back to his car while mike and i waited patiently (no we didn't) for him to come back with my ticket. all the while i was talking about how the "three" was finally getting me and mike was telling me i'm a bad driver and he should've been driving (i'm making that up, he didn't say i'm a bad driver. he just pointed out the HE'S a good driver and HE should've been driving. the part about me being a bad driver was inferred)... and then, to my surprise, the cop came back WITHOUT the ticket. no three.

he asked me if i would slow down and be more careful and i said "yes, officer.. of course, officer, sir" and he let me go.

good news and bad news... i didn't get a ticket but i feel like it's still waiting out there for me. it's lurking around every corner. i told mike it's inevitable and that i'm for sure going to get a ticket any minute now. he agreed and simply asked that i try to make it an inexpensive one.

what a nice husband.

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