[no vampires.]

mike and i went on a mid-week getaway to la push this week and had the BEST time. i've lived in the pacific northwest for over eight years and i feel like i'm just now seeing all the most beautiful parts. the drive to la push was unbelievable. driving through the olympic national forest was my favorite... it seriously looked like a bob ross painting the whole two and half hours it took to get to our little cabin on the ocean. we stopped a thousand times along the way, took lots of photos, and just disconnected from the world for a little while. perfect.

i see a LOT of road trips in my future. helllooo, washington.

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Richard said...

I totally went there about a year ago.
Showed up at the beach as the sun was going down. The sunshine was coming through the trees like FIRE!
Made it down to the beach and all the driftwood... and rocks... it was seriously amazing.
The drive was so nice.
I think it's called Crescent Lake? So pretty.
I wanna go back.
(One month till New Moon!)