halloween is always a fun time at casa herrera. we love to decorate and carve pumpkins- meaning I love to decorate and carve pumpkins. mike mostly just enjoys the dressing up part... he decorates and carves, etc, but only because he knows it means so much to me. we usually go to a haunted house... or haunted corn field...or haunted scrap yard.. really, there's no end to the types of haunts in the pacific northwest. oddly enough, most of the ones i've been to are outdoors which seems odd given the notorious weather here. although, i suppose there's nothing like a cold and blustery night for celebrating halloween.

last night the guys played a show. i dressed up and ran the merch booth. it was definitely fun seeing everyone in costume but tonight's the night. after the trick or treaters come and go we're headed out to one of the many local haunts to get the crap scared out of us. it should be a good time... as long as i don't get socked in the mouth again.

happy halloween, ghosts and goblins..

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