a few weeks ago, on a road trip to eastern washington, i ran a toll... didn't even consider stopping to pay it. in my own defense, when i normally drive past this particular toll booth, i'm in my own car.. and my own car has a toll pass. on this day, however, i was not in my own car.. i was driving the tumbledown van and a short 10-ish days later i got a ticket in the mail for $52. (technically, mike got the ticket since the van's in his name. yuuussss.)

aaaannnnyway, fast forward to yesterday when i stopped to run into my fave local coffee shop (plug for samudra.. so good) to grab an iced coffee and when i came out, what do you suppose was on my windshield? yes, it was another ticket. this time i got a parking ticket for parking the wrong way.. apparently parking with your car facing traffic isn't allowed. hmmmph.

SO i grabbed my ticket, threw it in my purse, cursed the little old man who was still walking slowly back to his parking violation cart, and as i sped away i wondered if the whole "these things happen in threes" idea is true.

a little while later... really, maybe an hour later, i was breaking yet another law (or two) when mike called. i was driving just a couple of miles from home and i needed to tell him to meet me downstairs to help me unload the car. i answered the phone and, just as i did, a friendly police officer passed me. now, i might've been going a couple of miles an hour over the limit and i might've been on the phone but there was NO WAY i was going to get my SECOND ticket in one day and THIRD in a matter of weeks so i did what ANY quick-thinking, rational person would do. as the officer hit his breaks and turned around in the middle of the road to come after me, i made a sharp right turn and led him on a low-speed chase until i lost him. luckily for me, there were many twists and turns on this particular road and it didn't take long to shake him.

now, my question is how long does the "it happens in threes" rule last... how long am i going to have to be on my best driving behavior before i shake that last ticket hanging over my head?

(disclaimer: i feel like i should say that i am IN FACT a very good and conscientious driver for the MOST PART. like anyone else, my mind wanders from time to time. this doesn't mean that i'm a bad person.. or that i support gang activity.)


Alicia said...

I've always wanted to evade a police officer...not that I plan to do anything that warrants such an action. I guess I've always wondered if it can really be done. Kudos to you! On the subject of police, there were WAY too many on the road between here and Poulsbo today--I am not in support of police activity...especially Bremerton police! I've never known of such a large number of idiots masquerading as law enforcement! But that rant is for another day...

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty impressed with the low speed chase as well.

i caught up with a parking authority guy here in downtown boise just as he was writing me a whopping $12 ticket for an expired meter. luckily he saw my WA plate, assumed i was confused (because who the hell moves out of WA to live in ID?!?!) and took the ticket back.

I'm trying your get away plan the next time a cop is behind me!