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The White Queen: A Novel The White Queen: A Novel by Philippa Gregory

Well, my review is going to be influenced by the fact that today I saw Philippa Gregory, the author of The White Queen, The Other Boleyn Girl, The Boleyn Inheritance, and a ton of other equally good books LIVE and IN PERSON. She did a reading/signing in Bremerton this afternoon and I was super impressed with her. Not only is she a fantastic author but she's interesting, witty, well-spoken... all kind of sexy. I'm sort of smitten with her.

She spoke about The White Queen and how she came to want to write the story of Elizabeth Woodville, the story that is the precursor to the Tudor family. Elizabeth is a phenomenal lady and, while she may not be as famous as the Boleyn women, she's instantly as riveting. Her story includes war, romance, betrayal, passion, murder, magic, and true love. What more could you want?!

Gregory also told us that she's signed on to write five more books in this series and I'm happy to know that I have them to look forward to.. and happy to know there's no end in sight for Gregory's reign as the Queen of Historical Fiction.

Read it! It's the perfect book to snuggle up with on the cold winter days ahead...

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skylana said...

i want to read this. but i just can't buy hardcover books. at least not hardcovers i'm not ABSOLUTELY sure i'm going to LOVE.

ohhellocupcake said...

i'm the SAME way. i always, ALWAYS check books out from the library because i'd be in the poor house if i bought them all. now i'm going to start buying the ones i've read and loved so i can loan them out to people i think might like them.

i'm obsessed with books.