[best. salsa. ever.]

my mom makes the best salsa... it's so good i decided to post the recipe. if you want some tasty tex-mex salsa, you can't beat it. i made some this afternoon and mine turned out a little sweet because of the tomatoes i used. i happened to grow them myself but you can use store bought ones, too.

i'm posting it just as my mom wrote it. thanks, mom!

Ripe Tomatoes --2 sinks worth
Onion --5 med onions
Jalapenos -- 3 or more if you want it hotter
Cilantro -- a bunch
Garlic (minced or fresh) -- 6 cloves
Salt & Pepper
Bell Pepper opt.

I fill double sink with washed ripe tomatoes. Pour boiling water over tomatoes and let them sit in the water until just cool enough to handle. Peels will slip off easily - peel and cut cores out and cut tomatoes into small pieces into large stew pot or 2 different pans (dutch ovens). Chop onions, jalapenos (take out seed and veins), garlic, cilantro and add to tomatoes - cook to boiling (i usually boil about 15 minutes) Salt and pepper to taste. Put in clean - hot jars and seal with hot flats. They will pop as they cool so you'll know its sealed.

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