we're celebrating our 8th anniversary next week. my how time flies....

mike asked me to marry him the night he met my dad and step-mom. we had dinner with them and my sweet friend tessa in downtown fort worth, then we all went to the rodeo.

after the rodeo, we went back to my apartment and mike seemed restless. he asked if i felt like going for a drive. i was really tired but i didn't want the night to end so i agreed. as we drove around, we decided to go back to the park where we had our very first kiss.

we got to the park and it wasn't until mike opened the back door and pulled out a bundle that i realized he had stashed some things in my back seat. it was dark outside so the only thing i could really make out was his guitar. he took my hand and led me over close to the jungle gym where he kissed me the first time. i wondered what he was up to but i just thought he had planned something romantic.

mike spread out a blanket and asked me to sit. i was amazed.. it looked like he had known we'd end up here all along. as i sat, he knelt in front of me and pulled out a large silver bowl and a clear jug of water. he poured water from the jug into the bowl and reached out for me. he took my shoes off and lifted my feet into the bowl of water and began to wash them. i had no idea what was going on. it was bizarre, to say the least but it all made sense when he looked at me and said he was washing my feet like jesus had washed the disciples feet- to be a servant to them, just like he wanted to serve me for the rest of our lives. i was speechless, and heartbroken, and so in love all at once.

in what seemed like one motion, he took my feet, wrapped them in a towel, then reached for his guitar. as i sat with my mouth wide open in disbelief, mike sang...

"oh holli, i've been waiting for your call
i'm so bored, i'm singing to a wall
i'm helpless here without you
cause i'm so mad about you

you're in my thoughts, you're on my mind
you're in my daydreams all the time
you're in my life, you're in me
you're in everything i see

holli, you know you're my southern queen
holli, you know you're my everything

i've been waiting for so long
for this day to finally come along
will you be my wife for the rest of your life...
will you marry me?"

he played the entire song on one knee and when he was finished, he laid his guitar down and pulled a tiny box out of his pocket. i wrapped my arms around him, just like in some cheesy romantic movie, and when i looked up the clouds that filled the sky earlier had been replaced by a million tiny stars. "yes, i'll marry you".. and it just made sense. i didn't expect it, didn't plan it, and suddenly it just all made sense.

he was the one.

i'm not saying it's been perfect, that would be a lie. yes, i've had doubts. yes, i've questioned my life. but he's still the one... that's one thing i'll never question.

i'd do it again and again and again.


Richard said...

Aw man.
Great story...
Seems like a different lifetime ago!
Keep goin' strong, kids!

Alicia said...

I love this! And I love you! Happy 8th Anniversary! Wishing you many happy years ahead. :o) I could not imagine either you or Mike with other people--you fit. Have a wonderful 9th year!

Anonymous said...

kcart told me about this
im pretty sure i just got a lil emotional
and its not my middle name
great story
love you guys