summer is almost over.

i thought i was ready.. now i know i'm not. i didn't read as many books as i planned to or take as many walks. i didn't spend as much time in the sunshine or splashing around in the water as i could have. i complained about the heat too much and stayed inside when i should've been looking up at the clear, starry skies.

i want a do-over.

i promise i'll be ready for fall when the days start getting shorter and the leaves start to drop from the trees...but, for tonight, i'm going to hold onto summer and beg it to stay a little longer.

...i'm not ready to say goodbye just yet.


Anonymous said...

i feel the same way. this summer never really felt like summer to me (even with the 105 degree days!)

with the wedding, moving, and starting this new job...of course i could've spent more time enjoying myself.

i'm happy for fall not only cuz the weather is great, but also because i like my birthday :)

mike herrera said...

i don't want it to end!!

mike herrera said...

i don't want it to end!!