i remember one summer day in keller, texas.. i was about 12 years old. my mom and i decided to go on a bike ride on our old schwinn twinn. we rode down johnson road, all the way to the end, and turned toward my school. we had a nice long ride and turned toward home when we got tired. as we headed back, a thunderstorm rolled in quick, like it does in texas.. the clouds got dark and huge raindrops started to fall. my mom and i laughed and laughed and enjoyed the ride even more, soaked and all.

the bike that was such a sweet part of my childhood showed up on my deck on sunday. for my birthday, mike, my mom, and my sister all worked together to get it shipped from my mom's shed deep in the heart of texas to its new home in bremerton, wa. it's so big that they had to ship it in pieces. mike worked with a couple of friends to get it put back together and cleaned up (it was pretty rusty) and ridable.

it's perfect. and i'm a lucky, lucky girl.

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