re-gifting. i'm a fan of it. sometimes you receive a gift from someone and it's not quite right for you... but you know someone who would LOVE it. what's the point of keeping it for yourself if you can pass it on to someone else who would actually enjoy it, maybe even treasure it, right? right.

i'm also a fan of the "crafted" gift, the "you found something really cool at a garage sale" gift, and the "it's not expensive but it's sentimental" gift... all very meaningful and sweet.


the problem with re-gifting is this: some people can't carry it off without the recipient of the re-gift finding out they've been re-gifted. unfortunately, if the person finds out they've been re-gifted or been given something that wasn't intended specifically for them, they might feel like they weren't very important to the person giving it.

i understand that sometimes it's difficult to get to the store, make a craft, find something amazing at a garage sale, or anything meaningful for someone in a timely manner... and in these circumstances you might be tempted to find something you've had around the house awhile and pass it on out of convenience.

this is perfectly okay, as long as the person you're giving it to doesn't find out.

...because THAT feels really rotten.

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