[quit your life.]

i have two dogs in my lap and a husband on the couch next to me as i write this. tonight, mike leaves for tour.. he'll be gone just under a month. it's been a while since he's gone away for any length of time and it's hard to think about him leaving. luckily, i'm back to work and i won't have much time to feel sorry for myself or mope around while he's away.

before i know it, he'll be back and all will be right again. until then, i have to remember how life goes with no mike coming in and out of the house, calling me from wherever he is just so he can talk to me while he drives home then not hanging up until i hear him come in the back door, no making enough for two to eat, and no favorite time of day when we pile in bed at night with the pups and snuggle. being without him is no fun but it makes all the normal things that much more special when he comes back home again.

(quit your life.. and stay with me.)

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