i couldn't have said it better myself... so i won't try.

this is a post from sweet skylana's blog. she's a friend of mine, a super smart girl, clever, beautiful, and a lot of other gushy stuff... AND we happen to feel the same about most major issues. i read her blog this morning and loved it so i thought i'd pass it along... here's what she has to say about the healthcare debate:

tuesday, august 11, 2009

have a glass of wine
and then chill the fuck out.

ok, first of all i'm SO sick of people calling each other "un-american"... i mean can you really call another american unamerican? for things like shouting? no.... for things like torture that go against our constitution, i'll give you that nancy, but shouting... lets chill out.

that being said... can the shouting stop? and can you stop acting like you dont have freedom of speech because the opposing side would like you to debate and ask questions like an educated adult? i mean really. lets grow up.

the only other thing i'd like to say about what im hearing about this health care debate is that if you are pro-life and you think its crazy that you could end up paying for other peoples abortions under a government plan, realize that you ALREADY do through your private insurance and then get a grip. i dont want to pay for women to have elected c-sections they dont need, i dont want to pay for people to have 5 damn kids when i think they should stick to 1 or 2... but those are my opinions and that is their right... so i pay and in return i receive the care i want and have the right to, including the right to have an abortion that is covered by my insurance.

oh and i guess one more thing.... if you are going to flip about about something, make sure its true first. its super annoying and just makes you look like an uneducated ass when you dont know what the hell you're talking about.

i'm not saying i'm for this health bill, i'm just saying stop listening to fox, cause their insane idiots making wild untrue accusations (i think they have a quota for how many people or groups of people that they have to call 'Nazis' every year), then have legitimate arguments and bring them to the table like mature adults.
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