[heat wave.] [updated.]

our little hank had a heat stroke today.. and we almost lost him.  he went from chasing after his ball, energetic and happy, to vomiting, to losing control of his bodily functions all within about 20 minutes.  when he had a bowel movement in my arms without knowing it had happened, i called the vet.  they fit me in right away and i drove him to the hospital while his little body started shaking and trembling on my lap.  

by the time we made it in to see the doctor, hank's blood pressure and body temperature had reached "a dangerous low" and dr. relling prepared to put in a catheter and start an IV drip on him.  he worked quickly and my eyes started to tear up when i asked him if hank was going to be okay.  he said he didn't know.

two hours later, when hank's body temperature started to rise and his heart gained strength, dr. relling invited the two other doctors on staff into the operating room where i had been sitting and holding hank while the liquids and steroids went to work on his little body.  dr. relling told the other doctors that hank had suffered a heat stroke.  that his little body had gone through "a complete circulatory failure and that he had reached the fatal stage". by some miracle, the liquids they put into his body had been fast and strong enough to restore him back to a safe and stable condition.  

the danger at this point is that he's suffered brain damage... that the stroke affected his brain before what had already started could be reversed.  we won't know until he's had time to recover.  tomorrow they'll do more tests.
for now, he sleeps.

update: 8.4.09

hank is okay. dr. relling examined him this afternoon and, although he's still dehydrated, his heart rate is strong, blood pressure is good, temperature and reflexes all normal. we came close to losing him yesterday but he rallied.

as i stood at the receptionist's desk when hank and i were leaving, she looked at his little collar and said "well, that's the truth!" and i asked what she meant. she held it up to me and i realized she was right... i had forgotten that hank's collar says his name on one side and on the other it reads: "lucky pup".

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