[the fourth.]

last night, when all the fourth of july festivities were behind us and we were tucked safely in our bed, mike and i agreed that this was by far the best fourth we've ever had.

to start the day off, cally came over with little bandit and we made our way over to nate's. it was only noon when we got there and the party was well under way with tons of people out in the lake and on the many jet skis and boats that were parked at his lake house. he had the most amazing jumbalaya on the grill and some crawdads swimming around in a big bucket. when you go to nate's you know you're going to have some goooood food.

when we left nate's we came back home and loaded up our boat. cally and clete came out with us- it was such a beautiful day so we just cruised around the sound.

later, we docked the boat at our friend quy's house. his family goes ALL out for every holiday- they're super fun to be around and their fireworks display did NOT disappoint. it started early in the day with blowing up a bucket with an m-80. i don't care how many times we saw this bucket blow up, we never ever got sick of it.

quy's sister put together an amazing barbeque so we ate and blew up fireworks until it got dark. even the kids in that family are fearless and we got a little worried about the little ones getting too close. when quy's uncle got burned by a wayward spark they shut down the display and got all the kids inside. at that point, cally, clete, mike and i jumped back in the boat and drove out to the middle of the puget sound. all around us we could see each city's fireworks display- it was beyond beautiful.

the day was a success, spent with all of our friends and families. it just proves that sometimes the less you plan, the better it is. no expectations, no schedules or deadlines... and sitting there in the dark on a little boat in the middle of the water with my love and my friends and the lights in the sky all around us, i couldn't help but think that if this is as good as it ever gets, it's better than i ever could've imagined.

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