[let the right one in.]

Let the Right One In Let the Right One In by John Ajvide Lindqvist

Ok.. I made the mistake of watching the movie version of this before I finished the book. Wait.. correction: I made the mistake of listening to the person who told me to watch the movie first. I should have gone with my instinct and read the book like I'd planned. Unforch, I watched the movie and it was... not very scary, kind of weird, and a little boring. (Sorry, Rich.) The story was interesting but, in spite of loving the Twilight series, I just don't like vampires. This one was for vampire and foreign-film lovers.

I finished the book by skimming it and picked up on a few differences between it and the movie version but, alas, there was nothing riveting in the book that made me love it any more than the movie.

All in all, I'm still searching for a book to love.

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