[i'm allergic to washington.]

before i moved to bremerton, i NEVER had allergies. my poor sister has always had serious allergies- allergic to bananas, watermelon, and other foods, and she always suffered from seasonal allergy symptoms when we were growing up. i never knew what it was like until i moved to the great northwest. now, once a year, i go through the whole ordeal. something that grows here gets into my system, turns my brain to mush, turns my eyeballs into dirt and the place at the back of my throat/nose into a brillo pad, and gives me a sense of floating in the clouds.. but not in a fancy footloose way, more in a distant, foggy, miserable way. i want to sleep all day, and when i'm awake i feel l like i'm in some weird, disconnected dream.

so that's what's going on. i'm going through my cabinets, taking everything i can think of to help... and nothing's working.


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