[happy campers.]

in true herrera form, the camping day started in a craze. it was nice and sunny so we packed up the car, hitched up the boat, and hit the road. unforch, as soon as we gassed up and grabbed a couple of things at the grocery store, the rain started to fall. we got half way across town and decided to bail. after we turned around and headed back home i called the campsite to cancel our reservation and was told that it was a perfectly sunny day at lake cushman and that there was no reason to cancel. by this time, we were close to home and thought about bailing anyway but decided that since we had everything packed up we should go for it. again, we turned around and drove toward camp. about half an hour down the road, we realized we were going the opposite direction that we SHOULD be going.

wow.. this was NOT going well.

we pulled over to look at the map. i got out and let the dogs pee and took a few deep breaths. mike got out and said we should just keep going to lake cushman, our reservation was there, we'd already paid, and it didn't make any sense to go somewhere else at this point. i reasoned that we had turned around twice and now were waaaaay off course so we should just pick a nearby campground and stay there.

mike won.

back on the road, it took us about an hour to get to lake cushman but once we made it, we had the best time. the girls set up the tent (first time ever), i unloaded the food, uncle mike got some wood for the fire, and everything came together perfectly. we roasted wieners, had a nice walk, played board games, made s'mores, and went to sleep under the stars.

oh, what a night.

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