[eureka. i have found it.]

i like for everything to have its own place. i can't stand clutter, i love to organize, and i clean a LOT. there's no way to win the battle against dust bunnies in an old house with hardwood floors but i try, try, and try again.

in other words, i'm a neat freak.

some might say this is a good thing.. but, at times, it can lead to problems. mike is the ying to my yang. he's a pack rat, he walks into the house and drops whatever he brought with him onto the kitchen counter, leaves two to three jackets hanging on the backs of chairs or doorknobs, leaves his writing notebooks scattered everywhere, and would much rather leave his dirty clothes next to the clothes hamper than in it.

the only battle i've chosen to fight is the kitchen counter- i've been vigilantly standing my ground on this one. i try to guard the counters against the "mike mess" as best as i can, moving piles of receipts, stickers, keys, notebooks, cds, everything he happens to leave there, into the office. the problem is, there's been no where for him to put those things when he walks in the house. no drawer or cabinet for the keys, sunglasses, and wallet that can be easily accessed.

until now. i found this little cabinet at a garage sale this weekend. it came from an old dentist's office and it's adorable. as i sit here writing this, i keep glancing over at it in the dining room and smiling. it's perfect- lots of weird little compartments, drawers, and cabinets.

this may seem like a small victory to you.. but it's a giant one for my peace of mind. mike and i brought the cabinet upstairs and before we'd even settled on where it was going to live, he opened a drawer and threw his wallet, keys, and sunglasses inside.

at that moment, i could've married him all over again.

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Jennifer said...

i HATE coats and jackets piled on the backs of chairs. i feel like it is a battle i will never win.