the good news is, sometimes we get do-overs.

for the last few years, with the exception of a rough patch about a year ago, my marriage has been insanely easy. we're best friends and i think he's crazy funny. we enjoy hanging out together, we don't have any kids to argue about spanking or not spanking, he handles all the music/music business stuff, i handle almost everything else, and we respect each other. but, now and then, we just have one of those days.

yesterday started out pretty great. i worked, was super proud of the essays my students wrote, ran home for a split second, helped my cally move some furniture, went home again, changed, and then we went to one of our fave places for dinner. that's when it happened- somewhere between taking in the beautiful sunset and paying the check, things went drastically wrong. he said something i misunderstood, i said something he misunderstood, he hurt my feelings, i cried, and before i knew it we were back home and i was yelling, "i think you're a JERK!!!!" as i slammed the back door and took off walking down the street with hank and alli in tow. i walked and cried and walked and cried.. then i got tired. i went back home, watered my garden, took a bubble bath.. then i did the unthinkable, what all the smart people in the world tell you not to do- i "let the sun set on my anger". ugh.

honestly, i get over things a LOT faster if i sleep on it. the best way to fight with me is to get it all out then just let me go to sleep. things always look better after about nine hours of quality sleep time...and this time wasn't any different. when i woke up this morning, i was still hurt and i wasn't quite ready to let it go right away... but by the time i'd had my coffee fix i was definitely ready for a do-over.

he came home from the studio, wrapped me up in his loving arms and said he was sorry. i was sorry too.

we changed clothes and went to the very same place we went for dinner last night before the insanity. we sat in the same place. ordered the same thing. and this time we got it right.

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skylana said...

that is so precious and it makes me really jealous. seth and i have never had a marriage like that, even before we had kids.