[now i see.]

for the majority of my married life, i've spent a good part of the spring/summer without my husband. those seasons are the most busy time for his line of work so he is often on the road, nationally or internationally, during the most beautiful time of year. i'm not complaining, don't get me wrong... his job has made it possible for us to be homeowners, landlords, and to have plenty of small luxuries that make life more enjoyable. it's just that i've gotten used to doing summer-y activities on my own or with friends.

this year, for the first time in eight, he's home. and it's springtime. well, sometimes it's springtime. we're slowly shaking the winter off around here. but soon it will be entirely spring.. and then it will be summer. having him home with me for the last few weeks during periods of beautiful weather has been an altogether new experience.


it's a good thing i didn't know what i was missing out on all this time. sure, there have been times when we've been able to enjoy a bbq, or motorcycle ride, or go to a drive-in movie together. but, in the past, those things usually happen ALL IN THE SAME WEEKEND. and it's usually crammed in so that we can enjoy it all at once before he has to leave for the next trip. we make it happen but then we wonder where it went.

yesterday, as mike and i were cruising down a long and winding road on his motorcycle, i wrapped my arms around him, closed my eyes, and held on tight. it was a moment i wanted to memorize.. but not because i knew it might be the only one like it for awhile. i was just suddenly in love with the sensation of everything around me. i wanted to live that moment again and again and again. and, maybe for the very first time ever, i realized i really would.

i'm learning what it's like to have all the good things spread out.. to enjoy them often and to share them TOGETHER. i'm thankful i never learned to take these times for granted because now i experience them with awe and wonder.

and, these days, not even a monday can get me down...


ChurchPunkMom said...

so awesome you get to have your man around this spring/summer. i hope you guys really pile up the hours of quality time together. :)

skylana said...

i know that feeling you mean. not from seth going on tour a bunch.. but i know that feeling. so good.

Jennifer said...

love this.