[break out of history.]

"Tumbledown's eponymously-named debut is like Hee Haw on meth (ahem...if I knew what a meth high was like). Mike Herrera (of MxPx renown), along with the Rocky Point All Stars as backing band (which is not to diminish their significant musical contributions in any way) has produced what might just be the coolest Country-fied Bluegrass cum Rockabilly Pop record since the Stray Cats 'rocked this town' a-whay back when. Everything here sounds immediately familiar without sounding derivative -- at all! And, there's not a song on this entire CD that doesn't deliver instrumentally, melodically, or lyrically, reminding me at times of Elvis Costello, Reel Big Fish and Thin Lizzy, and includes some of the finest smokin' guitar work (read: pickin'), this side of Albert Lee, James Burton and Scotty Moore, that I have heard in a looooong time. Kudos and yee-haw!"

this is only one of many reviews of the new record that i've read today while catching up on posting news & updates. the fact that mike had the courage to branch out and pursue this project is one thing.. the fact that other people get to hear it and love it as much as i do is altogether different.

(i'm super proud of my boo.)


Alicia said...

Yay! I'm so happy it's being so well received! It's a great album and I'm really enjoying having it in the car while I'm driving around all day!

Andi said...

i'm so happy for your boo,as well! what an amazing band, we are soooo lucky we have their music in our life!!! daaaaaaaamn ;)