[banana nut cheerios.]

i've gotten to a point in my life where i'm very interested in what makes other people tick.. why they like the things they like, hate the things they hate, want the things they want. i wonder what made them the way they are, where they came from, what they've seen in their life that molded them into the person they became. it's becoming more important to me to take the time to ask questions... even if i don't like the answers. it reminds me how big the world around me is... and that everyone is busy living in their own little universe.

i guess we all in some way or another try to create a place around us that we're comfortable in... and fill it with things that we love.

it probably sounds like a super selfish idea.. and that i must have had my head up my ass for the last 30 years if i thought everyone's perspective was the same as mine. i didn't think that.. honestly, i was just less interested then in what other people were doing- probably because i was busy deciding who i was and what i wanted. now that those questions are seemingly answered i've started looking outward more than ever, ready to experience life in a new way.


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