this morning i woke up early, shook the sleep off, and put on my sunday best to go to a wedding. the wedding was simple and was over before i knew it. once i got home i sort of wandered around for a little while wondering what the heck to do with the rest of my day. mike's still in europe and i wasn't really in the mood to be social.. and wasn't really motivated enough to do any big projects.. so i loaded up the furry kids and we went to lowe's. i could spend hours in lowe's. all the hardware, the plants, the tools, the POSSIBILITIES. anytime i'm feeling down, a good old fashioned DIY project can lift my spirits.

today the sun was shining, it was warm out, and so i decided it was the perfect day to buy the veggies i want to plant in my garden this year and some colorful potting flowers to brighten up the front of the house. check.. and check. i came home, potted the flowers, pulled a few weeds, and organized my veggies. tomorrow i'm digging in.

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mike herrera said...

be right there!