[pig flu.]

when i think of the swine flu, the first thing that pops into my mind EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. is arnold, the pig from the old tv show "green acres". i looooooved that show. when i was growing up, they played reruns of it all the time. the best part was hearing eva gabor say "ahhhhnold" with her little accent.. so cute.

my love for arnold was probably the biggest influence on my decision to buy a pig when i was in college. i found a farm close by that sold potbelly pigs and drove out there one day to look around. what i found was my sweet little daisy-pig. i brought her back to the tiny little apartment that i shared with two other girls and, surprisingly enough, they didn't hate daisy right away...it took a little while. sadly for me, they didn't have to suffer her pissing on their notebooks for long. i found out just a few short weeks later when i took daisy in for her shots that i had been hoodwinked. daisy was NOT a potbelly pig.. she was, in fact, a sow. soon, my sweet daisy pig would start packing on the pounds and wouldn't look quite as cute when i walked her around campus on her leash. i decided to enjoy her while i could.. i gave her bubble baths and snuggled with her in my bed at night. she rubbed her sweet little snout into the palm of my hand and learned to use her litter box like any other domesticated house pet. but it was inevitable.. daisy had to go back to the farm. i packed her into my car and drove back to where i'd found her to begin with. poor daisy.. it just wasn't meant to be.

cheers to arnold and sweet daisy pig, my swine flu picks of the week.

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