[celebrating easter.]

growing up, my mom's side of the family had a pot-luck picnic every easter. it was quite an event because i have a huge family- my mom is one of seven brothers and sisters and every sibling has at least one or two kids. even without the stragglers, we'd usually have at least 30 people. the memories of these annual picnics are some of the best (and most functional, family-wise) that i can remember.

since my sister and i were in texas last week, the family decided to have the easter picnic early this year and, although everyone was a LOT older than i remembered, i realized how much i miss having those huge family events. maybe it was knowing that i was there because my grandpa doesn't have much longer to live.. or maybe getting older has made me more appreciative of how close my family has always been.. but i see now how strong the bond is between those pot-luckers, and how uncommon.

i made my way around to each of the aunts, uncles, and cousins while my grandparents sat in the middle of the big group soaking in all the love. we talked about the last few years and where our lives have taken us. i met new family members that i'd never seen before and learned more about ones i had.. and most importantly, i decided that these moments had become too few and far between.

i may never see my grandpa again in this life but i'm so thankful i had the opportunity to make a few more memories with him, to hear a few more of his stories, to tell him i love him and hear that he loves me, too. i won't let time steal anymore of the people i love without squeezing in as much time as i can with them first.

this is my resolution, just like it was on january 1st, and i'm well on my way to finally getting it right.

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