[tumbling down.]

it's that time again. mike's on the road for the next three weeks and i've got the blues.

we spent the last few days (he's only been home from the last tour for six) getting ready for this.. and i knew it would be a whirlwind. we had to make tour books, buttons, banners, stickers, pick up and organize merch, build a display, get the van cleaned and ready to go, and everything else that goes along with DIY touring.. it's not easy, ever, but especially not in such a short amount of time.

it never ceases to amaze me how hard it is to let him go. you'd think i'd have it down by now, i've had eight years of practice. it just makes my heart heavy to spend my days without him. coming home from work is the worst.. the house is so quiet. and the more i look for him, the more he just isn't here.

i always feel a little upside down right after he leaves, it's part of the routine. it takes a day or two to get back on track and start picking up where i left off the last time he was away. eventually i start to realize that, as much as i would love having him home, i DO love having space and time to catch up on things that get dropped when our house turns into tour headquarters. i love sitting on the couch with my dogs and reading for hours on end, crafting, working on the house, and watching all my favorite girl shows on tv. i think the fact that i CAN be content on my own has made it possible to be married to a touring musician for the last eight years of my life.. and i'm thankful that i was built this way and that we can lead separate lives together when we have to.

in a couple of days, i'll be right-side up again and things will be back to "normal". for now, though, i think i'll just mope a little bit longer...

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Anonymous said...

This one hits real close to home! i miss you so bad already! mh