south by southwest is a huge music festival that happens in austin, tx, every year at this time. mike's on his way down there to perform with tumbledown so this afternoon i perused the list of other bands taking the stage(s) at this year's festivities. the list is long, the list FULL of horrible band names, and i was inspired to make my own list of the very worst ones i found.

(side-note: i am in no way casting judgement on the following bands performing abilities, only their ability to choose a proper name for themselves.)

and now, in no particular order, my list of the top 14 WORST names of bands performing at south by southwest '09:

Drop The Lime

Ear Pwr

Eat Skull

Goes Cube

Ha Ha Tonka

Hello Seahorse

I Love Math

Jesus Makes the Shotgun Sound

The Jonbenet

...music video?

Mythical Beast

Palestinian Rapperz


Sanguine Piss

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