[taking a tax break.]

I spent my day knee-deep in receipts and spreadsheets, sorting out our taxes- something I dread doing every single year around this time. What makes it worse is how particular I am about my filing system (aka: crazy). I keep separate folders for every category of receipt we may have, three entire filing cabinets full of potential deductions. In some people's eyes that might seem like a good thing... All I see is a lot o' work.

I took a (tax) break this afternoon and went on a walk with Hank & Alli. It was such a beautiful day and I was dying for some fresh air and distraction. I got the fresh air I needed and happened upon a few interesting/funny/creepy things along the way. I even took pictures, an attempt to stay out of the house and away from my calculator as long as possible.

"What happens in Seabeck stays in Seabeck"...I guess I haven't been giving Seabeck enough credit.

This pile of creepy crap was next to someone's garage, right next to the road. I especially like the scary decapitated doll head & whatever is fermenting in that jar.

Finally.. A boat we can afford!

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