[golden gate.]

My weekend was SUCH a treat. I flew to CA on Wednesday and had the best time with my sister and nieces through Sunday. My sis was able to take off of work and we had quality sister time while the girls were at school on Thursday & Friday. Thursday, we jumped on BART and headed into the city to see My Bloody Valentine in 3D. It was the kind of thing we don't get to do very often.. see something together, just for fun, and that isn't rated PG or PG-13 for the girls. We laughed and took pics of ourselves in our 3D glasses and grabbed each other for support during the scary parts. Just perfect.

Thursday night we had the most delish dinner at home. Sis made steak and stuffed mushrooms and it was a FEAST. Then, on Friday, while the girls went to school we had mani/pedis (or medicures, as we like to call them) then did some shopping. As soon as we picked the kids up from school we ran home, got ready, and all of us went back to San Fran for fondue at the Melting Pot in Larkspur. This particular Melting Pot is special because it's in an old Brick Kiln that was built in 1891. It closed down in 1915 but was, by 1900, the largest brick-making factory on the west coast and was responsible for most of the brick that was used to rebuild San Francisco after a huge earthquake in 1906. It's so unique and you literally feel like you're having dinner in underground caves.

Saturday was even more fun.. sis and I (again) hit the road toward San Fran and ventured to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge. Neither of us had ever been there and it was something we wanted to do together. The weather was threatening rain but it held out for us and the view was absolutely unbelievable. The bridge is 1.7 miles each way and it took us around an hour to walk the almost four-mile round trip... and every step of the way we were surrounded with SO much beauty.

We spent that night with my sweet girls watching Coraline in 3D (more 3D glasses!) and then stopped for pizza before making our way back home. It was heart-breaking, as always, to leave them on Sunday. I have to say, though, how blessed I feel to have these special people in my life. They are my heart. My sister knows what I'm thinking almost before I think it. We have the same feelings on so many things and the things we disagree on, I can honestly say I accept because I respect my sister and her opinions so much. She's the best person I've ever met and the strength she exhibits on a daily basis couldn't be held up for an hour by the strongest of men. She hides it because she doesn't want anyone else to have to bear the weight of her pain and would rather hold it all in than let any of us experience pain ourselves as a result of it. The irony is, I'd take it all from her in a second. Less than a second, if I could. She amazes me again and again, and what's most amazing is that she believes in me and values what I have to say enough to allow me to teach her girls. Not that I have much to teach them.. but she believes that I do and encourages them to ask me things and tell me things, the precious and invaluable secrets of their hearts. And for this, I am humbly grateful.

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