[tour art.]

since we opened the recording studio last year we have a crazy amount of wall space that we needed to fill in a fast, easy, and super cheap way. finding artwork isn't easy, fast, OR cheap so i've tried to come up with creative solutions like this one.

it's an understatement to say that mike's been on a few tours in his life... and on every tour, there's a tour laminate or "backstage pass" that goes a long with it. now, my husband is a bit of a pack-rat and has had a big plastic box of these things in the top of my closet ever since i moved in. at least once a week, one (or a few) of them spill out and hit me in the head while i'm digging around in there. this week, the time finally came to DO something with them.

(since i've seen this idea done by a few other people, i can't say that i came up with it but it's a good one nonetheless.)

if your significant other is in the music industry this is a great way to get cool things like this out of a box and onto a wall where people can actually enjoy it. if anyone out there has more ideas to help fill my wall space, please feel free to send them my way!

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Jen Kaplan said...

Hey so I had some time to kill today and somehow I ended up reading your blog. I actually do concert posters (I am trying to branch out and do album covers and t-shirts also). I believe art should be affordable and there is nothing that kills me more than when I love a piece of art and can't afford it. So I make sure every fan of mine can afford a painting of mine if they want it. Please check out my art at www.myspace.com/jenkaplanart and if you see anything you want I'll give you a gret deal! I have done art for the bands Woodward, Morningwood, Luke Paquin of Hot Hot Heat, New Found Glory, George Kinney (formerly of The Golden Dawn), Steel Train, The Hush Sound, Kristoffer Ragnstam, The Promise Hero, Forever The Sickest Kids, Unwritten Law, Langhorne Slim, Against Me (I have to wait a long time to post that one), and I have worked with many others. Also if you don't have a myspace you can email me at jenkaplan@yahoo.com. I just don't have the money for a website (because I make my art affordable to all).