[this weekend.]

mike's leaving for LA today and i've got big.. BIG.. plans for the weekend. (yes, i'm starting my weekend as soon as i drop him off at the airport tonight.) for those of you who think of hitting the bars and boozing it up when the word "weekend" pops into your mind.. godspeed. i've got bigger fish to fry.

first thing on my list is to finish the book i've been reading... SO GOOD. (thanks, miranda, for loaning it to me.) i haven't gotten to spend as much time with it as i would have liked so tonight will be just me and the book. it's better than her previous novels.. beautiful imagery, a little spooky, and i think about the characters sometimes throughout my day. if you haven't read it, do so at your earliest convenience... i.e. NOW.

Second Glance by Jodi Picoult

after my rendezvous with ms. picoult, i have a date with tivo. i've had zero time lately to put on my fat-man-pants, cuddle up with my electric blanket, and sink into my reality/trashy tv shows but THIS weekend it's finally going to happen. here's the line up.. don't be jealous.

The Real World: Brooklyn

Gossip Girl


... and let me add that i can't WAIT for these to start again...

yes, i watch gross reality tv shows. they're my favorite. believe me, i could've put at least five more up there including Real Housewives of Orange County and Bad Girls Club but why would i want to admit to watching those??? wait.... ; )

now, before you start thinking i'm going to be rotting my brain with tv all weekend i have to tell you that i have even MORE plans when i've finished catching up with tivo. i've already mentioned the book i'm finishing and if i had a picture of the stack of books i have yet to read, i'd post it too. (i like to check out a ton of books from the library and try to read them all before the same due date. i work well under pressure.)
ok, i'm getting off track, here's the next thing on my weekend list of fun things to do. my renewed obsession with crafting (and my friend nicole) led me back to embroidery.

i'm working on a super cute tote bag and a sweet little gift for a friend with a bun in the oven. i'll post pics when i'm finished with them.
needless to say, i'm super-super excited for my weekend.. and even more excited that i get to finish it up by picking mike up on saturday and having date night with him, then meeting some friends for breakfast on sunday morning. i find that so often lately i get bogged down with the mundane, stressed by things and people i have no control over, worried about students.. and i want to get back to the sweet and simple things that bring me joy.

(life is good.)


RassKull said...

This is Joey btw....

Your weekend sounds soo awesome and really relaxing!!!! Have a good time :)

I am building a band room in the basement and doing a bunch of cool things soundproof-wise and I'm excited to start teaching my kids how to rock out heheh

jelvistar said...

I'm jealous of your weekend plans! I have a bunch of stuff like that ready to go, but no time yet. I'd love to see how the embroidery turns out, I was thinking of making some hankies for Rob.

:) Kristy

Martin Fam