[politically correct.]

i started writing this blog four different ways and since i can't seem to get it right i'm going to save it for another day.. today i'll be politically correct, agreeable, and pleasant. i know, i know, totally boring.

i'm off work and, it's a good thing, because i'm suddenly sick. my throat feels like it's made of acid fire snot and my head is a giant blob of useless goo. i woke up, made some breakfast, took some medicine, then went back to bed. trying to sleep it out didn't work, though, so i've planted myself on the couch with an array of vitamins and juices. i'm determined to be well by tomorrow.

in other news, check out the super cute bed i put together for hank (but that josie claimed as her own).. i found two old samsonite suitcases at an estate sale, opened them up, and padded them with blankets. they love them!

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