[ghost story.]

since we're already on the topic of the house we bought for mike's studio, now might be a good time to talk about our resident ghost(s). i'll admit, i've always been a fan of scary movies and tv shows about ghosts (ghosthunters) but i'm not crazy.. we really do have a ghost. (maybe.)

exhibit a: suicide note found in upstairs bedroom.

the note was found by our contractors and, while spooky, isn't proof of anything. more non-proof is the shattered picture i found the day after. it had hung on the wall, well-mounted, next to six other perfectly undisturbed frames before i found it a couple of feet from the wall and wholly shattered. while we're talking about coincidences, i should mention the phantom piano that played itself while i was cleaning the house one day... two different times.

sure, these are all trivial things that separately could be shrugged off as meaningless. a little more difficult to figure out, though, is the shadow i've seen out of my peripheral walking up the stairwell (our studio designer saw it on a couple of occasions too)... or the day mike saw a man with a beard peek his head into the control room.. a man with a beard that disappeared a moment later. and i don't know how to explain to a dozen or more fanclubbers what they saw when they witnessed a shadow figure pass across the living room on a live webcam during a tumbledown recording sesh.

exhibit b: creepy photo.

researching the house has been difficult because bremerton didn't start keeping proper land records until well after the house was built, not to mention the names of the streets changed when charleston merged with bremerton, but i do know that it was sometime in the early 1900's. the library has been a great resource and i've spent some time there recently looking through their old directories,etc. long story short.. i was looking through an old book yesterday and found a photo that looks like it was taken in the front room of the house! it's sort of little house on the prairie-ish, taken of the whole family sitting down for a holiday dinner and NO ONE is smiling. totally creepy...

i know this is going to take some time but i'm on a mission to dig up this house's history. i think it's time for a ghost hunt.


Anonymous said...

i think this is awesome AND creepy...i love it. make sure to write more as you find out more...

Andi said...

yep...what jen said. did you research the people in the letter?