[the beginning of a new era...]

tomorrow obama will take his place in the white house and i, for one, am excited. i'm excited and i'm hopeful that this president really can make a change in our country. the climate in america has become one of hopelessness and poverty... and i'm ready for a new beginning, a new era.

i believe it is here.

mike and i were watching the news this morning and, of course, the impending inauguration was at the forefront. cameras were following obama as he shook hands and talked with people who had come to listen to him speak. now, i know that presidents always shake hands, say hello to the people, kiss babies, blah, blah, it's part of their job but he did more than that. he asked everyone to stay in their seats so that he could make it around to say hello to each and every one of them. now, that's something i haven't seen before.

and maybe i'm wrong, maybe i'm giving this guy more credit than he deserves. there are negative things to be said about anyone coming into office, right?.... but, you know what? this guy has inspired me... and that's not easy to do. i listen to him speak, i listen to his ideas and his beliefs, and i'm inspired. and, frankly, i'm ready to believe in someone. we've spent the last few years beaten down by our government and i'm ready to believe that changes are afoot.

so here's to being inspired.. and here's to being a catalyst for change.

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