[christmas is over... let's move on.]

christmas was wonderful. christmas movies, egg nog, snow, presents.. it couldn't have gotten much better. mike gave me the most beautiful black diamond earrings, a new blackberry, and some other fun gadgets. we even had a couple's massage on christmas eve followed by a nice dinner and lots of snuggling. i'm rating it as a top 10 christmas for sure... the most important things to me were quality time and relaxing and there was plenty of both.

and now i'm ready to move on.

i started cleaning the day after christmas. at first it was just some light organizing.. then the cleaning products came out.. and the next thing i knew all the christmas decorations were down and put away: lights, tree, everything. it was perfect. i felt SO good about it. we may have been slow getting it all UP but, by god, we got it all down in lightning speed.

alas, getting the christmas decorations down was only the beginning. since then i've started a huge project that will take the rest of the week to finish. it's a big one but when i go back to work next monday i'll do so knowing i accomplished a lot on my vacation. happy happy new year.

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