[about last night...]

It all started last night....

Mike and I had to go see a Vietnamese pop star sing in Tacoma. No, that's not the intro to a joke, we really did. Apparently she's called the "Madonna of Vietnam" but to me she sounded like a Vietnamese Britney Spears from the 1970's (think sequins & synthesizers). It was rough but we made it through and Mike may even get to produce her first US album. Ummm, yay?

When we got home we had a surprise waiting for us in the laundry room. The fridge that we keep down there had sort of... well... blown up. Water was flowing out of the freezer and if refrigerators could bleed, ours was bleeding like a stuck pig. I'm assuming it was some sort of coolant (brownish-red in color and smelled horrible) that was leaking out of the bottom. We had to pull it out into the garage and then spend a ridiculous amount of time cleaning up the mess it made. It still needs a serious cleaning and we def have some water damage but it'll be okay with some elbow grease and time.

Speaking of time, by the time we got to bed it was late.. And I always try to go to bed super early on nights I have to teach b/c I HATEHATEHATE waking up at 5:45am. I took a shower and got to bed asap and slept great until about 2:30 when a loud slamming noise woke me up. I heard Mike mumble something and I jumped up and turned on the light to see what happened.

Alli had either fallen out of the bed or tried to jump out and missed her step. She was laying on the floor, holding her arm at a weird angle. She wasn't crying but she looked like she was in a lot of pain. Mike and I both got down in the floor with her to assess the damage. At around 3:00 we decided we should take her to the emergency room. Although she was trying to walk, she couldn't put any weight on it and we were afraid there could be a fracture we couldn't feel.

After an exam and some x-rays, the doc said Alli just sprained her wrist and sent her home with some good drugs to keep her comfortable. She has to stay off of it for several days and take anti-infammatories and pain meds until she's healed up. After we got home from our night at the doggie emergency room I had just enough time to run home, take a shower, and come to work. With just a couple hours of sleep under my belt , I'm not at peak performance today and just gave out three lunch detentions in under 15 minutes.

Poor 9th graders.. I'd sure hate to have me for a teacher today.

After I get off work, I have to go film another tv spot and look like an idiot again. And immediately after that, I have to go to the studio and record gang vocals for Mike. He asked me, Cally, and Kellie to do it b/c he knows we can't sing and he needs us to sound like kids for backups on the song "We're the Kids in America"... remember that one from the 80's? Awesome.

I can't wait till it's bedtime and this day is a distant memory.

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