[a bedtime story..]

I asked my ninth graders to write an essay a few weeks ago and their writing prompt was... "If you could meet anyone in the world who would you want to meet and why?" Several of the kids raised their hands with questions and one of them asked,

"Mrs. Herrera, who was the first black person?" I was completely at a loss.

"EVER?" I thought. I was trying desperately to come up with SOMETHING. I reached way back in the depths of my brain, wiped away the cobwebs and came up with... nada.

"Well, that's a really good question," I said. "Maybe we should Google it."

As I walked over to the computer to start the Google search a discussion ensued about who the first black person could have been. One of the students brilliantly suggested that it was probably someone in "the Jesus days" and many of the other kids agreed. One of the particularly brilliant kids smartly quipped,

"Yeah! It WAS in the Jesus days! He was probably one of the apostles... and you KNEW he was black because everyone ELSE had a boat but HE had a Cadillac!!!"

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