[deja vu.. all over again.]

I hate it when you do something because you think it's the RIGHT thing to do... You think about it.. And really worry over the situation, debating how you can handle it, how you can avoid hurting anyone's feelings or overstepping any boundaries, and how you can keep from betraying anyone's confidence. Then you do what you resolve to do, what you hope is the RIGHT thing... and, inevitably, you end up hurting someone or getting hurt as a result.

It isn't fair.. It isn't right.. And, alas, it's happened more than once over the couple of months.

So is it enough to know your heart was truly in the right place?

And, if so, why does it feel so rotten...


mike said...

it's never easy to be right every step of the way... even though you are. alas... being right is usually harder to deal with than the other way around.. if it wasn't.. everyone would be doing "the right thing"

hipkittie said...

You never know how people are going to take what you say so the best is to just go with what you feel. Most the time people get hurt or react because they know that what they are hearing is right and it's hard to take.

I certainly don't know the situation so I may be way off here. Just combine the blogs and use the hose on people instead of verbiage! ha.

bobbydanger said...

the story of my life.
I finaly figured out that we never know what is "right" for osmeone else and can only do what is right for ourselves